It is February, which usually mean summer and the middle of the ocean swim season in Sydney. Each weekend from the beginning of January to the middle of April there is a swim on somewhere in or near the city. In late January and into February the following swims are usually held: -There is the Big swim from Palm Beach (where Home and Away is filmed) to Whale Beach;… Read More

A different photo to start a report on an ocean swim. This photo was taken on the way to North Bondi beach for the Classic swim, the second of two swims held at this beach each season. The first swim is held in early January, but I was enjoying the delights of a New York winter at that time. So I was keen to do this swim in early February. Now February… Read More

The Easter long weekend and this year I was doing two swims. I had done the race over 1.5 km at Freshwater on Friday, and Sunday was the turn for Bondi to host its postponed event. There were two races on offer, the 1 km, and the longer 2.1 km. This year I had decided to only enter the longer swim, and it was race seven of seven  in the oceanswims series…. Read More

The Caves Beach which was postponed in early February due to large seas was scheduled to be on again some five weeks later. This time the weather was kind, with warm sunny day, and a gentle surf.  My previous two weekends of swims at Bondi and Freshwater had also suffered from bad weather, with those swims now scheduled for the Easter weekend. So it has been three weeks since I had been… Read More

As we waited for the long swim we talked about the Irish Muppet and his intention to swim a 13 km race in Galway in July when the water may be as warm as 16 degrees (today it was around 24). A part of me was envious of his plans, as I would love to go back to NYC again for the summer. By this time the Reporter had shown up and… Read More

So the 2012 season is now over. What was my progress over the season? Well to recap in 2011 I had competed in six races with a total distance of 13.4 kms, and I struggled to finish some of those races. For distance covered in Australia I was ranked 1,398 out of 43,462 and in NSW 509th out of 17,154. For the oceanswim handicap series in 2011 I did three swims for… Read More

  The Easter weekend has three swims on offer. Easter Saturday down Nowra way on the South Coast; Easter Sunday at Pacific Palms near Forster on the Mid North Coast; and Bondi on Easter Monday. I checked the weather forecast on Wednesday and the forecast was not good for Saturday with an early southerly change forecast for the South Coast. The forecast for Sunday was reasonable except for the two metre swell… Read More

The 2011 season was over (note the season runs from 1 June till 30 May). In that period I had swum in six swims for a total distance of  13.4 km. Each event was at least two km, and I never did two races on the one day. The boffins at do a tally of everyone in Australia who enters these swims. For that season there were 43,461 swimmers who competed… Read More

This swim was scheduled for Easter Monday, but was postponed due to adverse conditions, with large swells making the swim unsafe. It was finally held towards the end of May.  Now you would think that having a swim in the last week of autumn would mean cold water. Well in Sydney you would be quite wrong as the water temperature stays above twenty degrees until June each year. Remember water takes longer… Read More