Well it has been a while since my readers have been rewarded with a new posting.  I thought it was time to do my annual update of the swim season. Loyal readers will recognise that I use the season that starts on 1 June each year, and finishes on 31 May. While this may seem odd, it does match with some of the tests used for annual tallies of distances swum in… Read More

I had not planned to do this swim this year, as I was doing three swims at Toowoon Bay the day before. However, after the cancellation of the 2 km swim on Saturday, I tossed up the idea of doing the 2.4 km swim around Wedding Cake Island at Coogee the next day. I had missed the deadline for the online entries so would have to pay more on the day. Would… Read More

Today is April 25, which in Australia and New Zealand is ANZAC Day: the day we commemorate and remember the 100,000 Australians who have lost their lives serving our nation in war and peacekeeping operations over the last 100 years or so. ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps and the day was first observed in 1916. On 25 April 1915 under the orders of Winston Churchill allied forces made… Read More

  Mid April, the return to Coogee for the Wedding Cake Island Swim. The local surf club is one of the few that are able to two swims a year at this iconic location. Each November the course is run, when the risk of cold water is high; and it is repeated in April when the water is warmer and often calmer. As I have said several times, it really is the… Read More

The last Sunday in November is the date for the swim around Wedding Cake Island from Coogee Beach. This is the third time I had entered this event, having done the swim in November 2011 and again in April 2012. However, this year I have decided to only enter the long race and leave the one km warm up races for later in the season. I had noticed last year that I… Read More

So the 2012 season is now over. What was my progress over the season? Well to recap in 2011 I had competed in six races with a total distance of 13.4 kms, and I struggled to finish some of those races. For distance covered in Australia I was ranked 1,398 out of 43,462 and in NSW 509th out of 17,154. For the oceanswim handicap series in 2011 I did three swims for… Read More

ANZAC Day is a day of remembrance for all of those who have served our nation during times of conflict. The day falls on the anniversary of the attack by the Allies at Gallipoli in Turkey on 25th April 1915.  It was the day that Australia and New Zealand came of age and fought for the British Empire based on an ambitious plan by the Lord Of The Admiralty Winston Churchill. The plan… Read More

A return to Coogee Beach for the Wedding Cake Island Swim. This swim was also held earlier in the season at the end of November, so it was good to return when conditions are more benign. What little swell that had been around earlier in the week had disappeared so the ocean looked like a lake on arrival at the beach. I had decided to do both swims again, and it would… Read More

After several months of training and the Cockatoo Island swim, I decided to enter some races on the following weekend. I had decided to try something new and swim both the short and long races where they were offered. My first hit out was to be at Toowoon Bay on the Central Coast on the Saturday. I also entered the Wedding Cake Island swims at Coogee scheduled for the following day. This would… Read More