Well it has been a while since my readers have been rewarded with a new posting.¬† I thought it was time to do my annual update of the swim season. Loyal readers will recognise that I use the season that starts on 1 June each year, and finishes on 31 May. While this may seem odd, it does match with some of the tests used for annual tallies of distances swum in… Read More

For this weekend I had a choice to make. I could do the Cross the Lake swim on the Saturday over 3.8 km, or do the Tamarama Clovelly swim on the Sunday over 2.5 km. I knew I was not up to both, so I decided on the Cross the Lake Swim. I had done this swim in 2010, so it would be good to see the comparison with 2012, and I… Read More

After having my confidence in the ocean shattered in the Baths to Bar swim, I knew that I wanted to keep up open water swimming, but I also¬†needed to find a slightly different option. I enjoyed swimming in a pool, but following a black line swimming by yourself was getting tedious. I had enjoyed swimming in the open water and relished the change. So I looked on the website to research… Read More