A different photo to start a report on an ocean swim. This photo was taken on the way to North Bondi beach for the Classic swim, the second of two swims held at this beach each season. The first swim is held in early January, but I was enjoying the delights of a New York winter at that time. So I was keen to do this swim in early February. Now February… Read More

North Bondi beach was the site for my 50th swim, after the swim at Caves Beach last weekend was postponed. This is the beach where our squad does a number of sessions in the surf, so I have become quite familiar with it. I have also undertaken this races a few times before, so I decided to only enter the 2 km event in order to savour my milestone. The morning was… Read More

This swim is the last swim in Sydney for the season. It involves a swim of ten km from North Bondi Beach to Watsons Bay in Sydney Harbour.¬†It involves a swim 500m out from the beach, turn left to head north up the coast until you enter Sydney Harbour, and then turn south to finish inside the harbour. It requires a boat and most swimmers also have a paddler to accompany them…. Read More

Back to North Bondi for their second swim of the season. As this was my home beach for surf training I was familiar¬†with the landmarks. I had also swum at the race in January so I knew the course. However, you never know what conditions the ocean can bring. Race day was warm and sunny and Lake Bondi was at its most benign with a gentle one foot swell, warm water and… Read More

North Bondi has the fortune to host two swims each season. There was an added bonus to do both the short and long swims on this day, and at the second swim in February: there was a free trip to Hawaii to swim in the Waikiki Roughwater swim. I had trained quite often at this beach, and I was familiar with the conditions. So I entered both the one km and the… Read More

The first swim of the year at Newport on the northern beaches of Sydney. A chance to get back into the swing of swims after the Christmas break. The squad had not trained at the pool since the week before Christmas, though I had done a few sessions at Clovelly and North Bondi for a change. It was nice to be able to get to those beaches without worrying about the normal… Read More

I was still keen to swim in the ocean. However, I knew that I had to get stronger in the water and more confident in the surf. I was regularly checking the website for details of all swims. I saw that there were races at North Bondi, but I did not feel confident enough in the water to try to swim there. I noticed a swim at Malabar Beach coming up…. Read More