It is February, which usually mean summer and the middle of the ocean swim season in Sydney. Each weekend from the beginning of January to the middle of April there is a swim on somewhere in or near the city. In late January and into February the following swims are usually held: -There is the Big swim from Palm Beach (where Home and Away is filmed) to Whale Beach;… Read More

  Another Sunday in February in Sydney and that means another ocean swim race, and it was the turn of Malabar to host its event. This is the fourth year in a row I have competed in this event, which is one of the more pleasant Sydney swims. The swim has only been operating for six years, and was started by Murray Rose in his role as patron of the Rainbow Club…. Read More

As we waited for the long swim we talked about the Irish Muppet and his intention to swim a 13 km race in Galway in July when the water may be as warm as 16 degrees (today it was around 24). A part of me was envious of his plans, as I would love to go back to NYC again for the summer. By this time the Reporter had shown up and… Read More

The swim season is in full swing, and I was taking full advantage of the swims on offer. The weather was kind with rain during the week, and sunny weekends with small surf. Fortunately the swim at Malabar was in a sheltered bay that only offered a swell in the largest easterly swells. I had also done this event last year, so I was looking forward to returning with more fitness and… Read More

I was still keen to swim in the ocean. However, I knew that I had to get stronger in the water and more confident in the surf. I was regularly checking the website for details of all swims. I saw that there were races at North Bondi, but I did not feel confident enough in the water to try to swim there. I noticed a swim at Malabar Beach coming up…. Read More