This swim is not the famous Pier to Pub swim in Lorne in Victoria Australia where they have 4000 swimmers  with places allocated by a ballot. No this is the bespoke Pier to Pub swim in Loch Lomond in Scotland. The start line is the Burnfoot ferry wharf on the mainland, and the finishing point is the pub on Inchmurrin the largest fresh-water island  in the British Isles. The total distance… Read More

As mentioned in previous posts, I have joined a social group of swimmers called the Wild West Swimmers. This group is fortunate to have numerous lochs and waterways to swim in near Glasgow in Scotland. The biggest waterway is Loch Lomond which is the largest freshwater lake by surface area in the UK. A call went up from some intrepid swimmers in the group to do a five island swim in Loch… Read More

      I entered a swim at Balloch on Loch Lomond called the Wee Beastie swim to be held in late July. This event comprised three distances of 400m, a half-mile, or the full mile. The swim was to be held on a Saturday afternoon, with the Scottish Aquathlon in the morning, and a full day of triathlon on the Sunday. After my last swim event I decided to enter the… Read More

  After my last swim event at Milarrochy Bay, I realised that I just had to get in and swim some more to adapt to the Scottish conditions. As part of that plan I went for a sunrise swim on the summer solstice in Loch Lomond. The above picture was taken just after 4am on that day, as at that time of year the sun rises at around 4.30am, after setting around… Read More

  It is mid June in Scotland and I had entered my very first race in the UK. The race was to be held at Milarrochy Bay on the eastern shores of Loch Lomond, a place I had swam at in the winter. There were three races on the day with a choice of a 1km, a 2km, or a 3km over a 1 km loop. Unlike most of the Australian swims… Read More

It is spring time in Scotland which means that the days are getting longer, and it does get sunnier. Last week it was wall to wall sun for several consecutive days with temperatures nudging 20c. As I write this blog entry I am looking out the window at strong winds and a mix of snow and rain falling. Oh how the weather teases and tantalises those from warmer climes with its flirtatious… Read More

    It is February, which usually mean summer and the middle of the ocean swim season in Sydney. Each weekend from the beginning of January to the middle of April there is a swim on somewhere in or near the city. In late January and into February the following swims are usually held: -There is the Big swim from Palm Beach (where Home and Away is filmed) to Whale Beach;… Read More

The first day of 2015 and I am in Scotland going for a swim at Luss on the western shores of Loch Lomond. This loch is the largest body of inland water (by surface area) in the UK. I had joined up with a hardy group of swimmers, the Wild West Swimmers, who swim year round. So far the winter has been quite mild, with some snow on the hills, and a… Read More

  It is now mid October, and usually at this time I look at the calendar of open water swims at, to start planning for the upcoming season. There are normally some old favourites I like to do, such as the Dawny swim at Balmain in Sydney Harbour, and the Australia Day swim at the Opera House. I also like to see when the various swims at Bondi and Malabar are… Read More