The swim season is in full swing, and I was taking full advantage of the swims on offer. The weather was kind with rain during the week, and sunny weekends with small surf. Fortunately the swim at Malabar was in a sheltered bay that only offered a swell in the largest easterly swells. I had also done this event last year, so I was looking forward to returning with more fitness and… Read More

I had come to realise that if I was to be more confident in the ocean swim environment I had to be fitter, and also get more comfortable swimming in the ocean. So I decided to change my training pool to the Andrew Boy Charlton Pool in Sydney. The only problem was this pool was closed during winter, and was a thirty minute walk from where I lived. Thus I continued swimming… Read More

Now that I had completed my first swim it was time to look at doing another swim. The best place to find out about ocean swims was which was a website listing details of all the swims in Sydney and surrounds, and also let you enter them. I saw that there were not many swims in Newcastle, and I did not feel ready for a trip to the big smoke to… Read More

So how did I get into ocean swims? I had swum for a couple of years in Merewether Baths with some friends from work. We would ride our bikes up the pool from work in the city (a distance of around 3 km each way) during our lunch break. We would then swim¬†1 km in the pool and we would do this a few times a week year round.¬† Of the three… Read More

Hi. My first post to this or any blog. Wonder who will read it? So I swim in the ocean, the harbour and rivers and race against others. Sometimes I swim well and am happy with my results. Other times I am relieved just to finish. Mostly I enjoy my time in the water and the challenges presented by water that is constantly moving. It sure makes a change from swimming in… Read More