1. Hay Greg, how are you? I hope you dont think I’m a little crazy but I have my heart set on swimming the English Channel. I can swim but I’m not the best my breathing and technique is all wrong. Just wandered if you can help me out. I’m a keen cyclist and relitively fit to a certain degree but still room for improvements.
    Raymond Mclellan

  2. Hi Greg, I am very interested in starting open water swimming and wonder if you could help . I am a fairly strong swimmer and have swum outdoors on and number of occasions, but lack confidence to swim any distance. I would be interested in information or coaching session you could offer me . Thanks for your help Louise

  3. Hi Greg, myself and a friend have registered to do the Aberfeldy Triathalon And keen to see if you would be able to offer some coaching for two newbies to Open water swimming. We would love to hear from you and see if you can help us ahead of the event so as to improve confidence etc

    • Marie-Louise I can definitely help you gain confidence in the open water. You are lucky that the lochs are unseasonably warm at the moment. I can help with sighting, breathing, some technique work and general confidence in the water. Contact me at

  4. Hey Greg,

    I’m really interested in improving my swimming, my hope is to do a triathalon next year and I think I need some help.

    Would much appreciate if you could get in touch!


  5. Hi greg I’m interested in open water swimming coaching as have signed up for goswim events in august September.

  6. I would recommend Greg, he definitely knows his stuff.

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